Talkin’ Trash  


OCV is about service equity and protecting rural communities from contaminating landfills.


OCV has been talkin’ trash for years.  It started with our work to stop a waste transfer station in Orange County and continued when Orange County cut convenience centers and launched plans to expand ill-fitting curbside services and higher fees.  As part of this work, we support ongoing advocacy opposing landfills and exploring alternatives to create energy from waste using technology and controls.  We helped stop a new Chatham County landfill and oppose plans for a new mega landfill in Randolph County.


OCV’s work in this area started with our opposition to a waste transfer station in Orange County.  After that we worked to keep five simple convenience centers opened for rural residents to dispose of their trash and recyclables.  Our “Talkin’ Trash Survey” was a ground-breaking effort to clarify the service needs of rural residents.  


We remain vigilant to assure that rural Orange County residents receive quality services and fair taxes and fees, rather than being forced to use curbside and others services which are better suited to urban and suburban communities.


For more information, contact Nick Davis or Bonnie Hauser.