Rural Road Safety Coalition    
                          “Share the Road Goes Both Ways”




OCV leaders are working with cyclists, law enforcement and community groups, to improve rural road safety,  and mitigate escalating tensions between motorists and cyclists on rural Orange County roads.


As a first step, we worked with Carolina Tarwheels and Union Grove Methodist Church to produce commonsense guidelines for sharing the roads.  We are continuing to work with community groups and law enforcement to educate and raise awareness about safety issues, and  improve how motorists and cyclists share rural roads.   


The original guidelines are available as an 11 x 17 poster and a trifold that opens up into a county map with popular bike routes.   Posters and trifolds are available in stores and community centers throughout rural Orange County including Maple View Ice Cream, the Farm and Garden Center and Handy Andy’s.  


For the full press release, click here


Design and printing of materials made possible through generous funding from Carolina Tarwheels and Union Grove Methodist Church


For more information, contact Bonnie Hauser