Where We Stand

Orange County Voice supports a ban on deer dog hunting throughout Orange County. The county has become too densely populated to safely allow this practice to continue. We support most forms of hunting, including using dogs to hunt birds and rabbits.


What is Deer Dog Hunting?

Deer dog hunting is the practice of using dogs to chase deer out of the woods and across roads and fields so that they may be shot by waiting hunters. Usually packs of 10 or more dogs are released. See for yourself:


Why do we Oppose Deer Dog Hunting?

Increasing population density has made it impractical to safely hunt deer with dogs. . Hunting dogs routinely trespass onto private property. Hunters loiter on county roads with loaded firearms and routinely shoot over roads and private property to kill the deer. Plus the practice interferes with safer and more effective forms of hunting that are needed to manage the deer population 

Here is the PDF “Why Ban Dog Deer Hunting” 


We're not alone.

Orange County residents views on deer dog hunting is included in a NC Wildlife Resources Commission Study (2008) titled “SURVEY OF LANDOWNERS WHO OWN LARGE TRACTS OF LAND [at least 5 acres] CONCERNING DEER MANAGEMENT AND HUNTING” : Highlights from the Executive Summary include:

  • 55% of landowners felt their land was too small to allow other people to hunt their property;

  • 66% of landowners were concerned about injury as a result of others hunting their property;

  • 64% of landowners were concerned about trespassing;

  • 70% of landowners said deer dog hunting should be illegal (report actually states that 30% say it should be legal).


Here is the full study in a PDF file: “2008 survey of NC Landowners” pdf here


History of Dog Deer Hunting

Click here: “History of dog hunting in Orange County” for an informative PDF. 


Why isn't Deer Dog Hunting banned in Orange County?

Hunting rights are controlled by the NC State Legislature. The Board of County Commissioners has twice voted unanimously to ban Deer Dog Hunting in Orange County - only to be overruled by the Legislature in Raleigh both times.


A full-time lobbyist, Joe McClees, works in Raleigh to protect deer dog hunting rights and inhumane hunting practices – including wildlife pens which are high fenced areas used to trap animals for hunters. Hunters shoot terrified animals that are trapped in the pens.


For more on McClees, visit his website Since dog deer hunting is banned in most of the state, legislators are uninformed or indifferent since their own communities are unaffected. McClees actively works to block county-level control over deer dog hunters. Today at least 5 counties are seeking a ban.


What are your Neighbors Saying?

Many letters have been sent to the commissioners and state legislators on these issues. Click here to read some letters to the Commissioners. 


What You Can Do...

  • Click here to sign a petition in support for a ban.

  • Contact your legislators and ask them to support a ban on Deer Dog Hunting in Orange County! Find them here.