Landfill and Waste to Energy




Over the years OCV has opposed landfills for environmental and social justice reasons.   In addition to opposing an obsolete system of trash disposal, OCV learned of innovative alternative waste disposal methods. 


We support Waste-to-Energy (WtE) technologies that use trash, a viable feedstock for producing electrical, steam, and synthetic gas energy.   Environmental and social impacts are greatly improved, and economics are competitive with landfills.


Landfills operators and owners generally resist WtE, which challenges the status quo.   This is complicated by misconceptions that confuse WtE technologies with obsolete incinerators. 


WtE technologies offer emission control and air scrubbing technologies, which are a great improvement over methane and CO2 emissions from landfills.   Problems with liner breaches and leachate leaking into groundwater are eliminated.  With good planning, all residual byproducts from WtE can be recycled creating a truly zero waste solution


OCV is dedicated to the protection of rural communities from becoming sites for future landfills.   If your rural community is vulnerable to become a landfill or waste disposal site please contact Nick Davis or Bonnie Hauser